Terms and conditions for Sweet Treats truck booking



Truck events are booked with the following conditions:

For Private or Corporate events 2-4 hours

  • Minimum of $500 per event

    • 100 single flavor cups of ice cream, additional cups are $5 each

    • or 100 - 2 flavor cups of ice cream , additional cups are $7 each

    • a maximum of 4 hours of service.  Additional time will be at a $100 per hour rate.

    • ice cream flavors for the day of the event will be mutually agreed upon at the time of the booking

  • All request must contain the date and time for the event.

  • All request must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the event.

  • All request must contain the sponsor's or name of person responsible of the booking contract.

  • All request must contain a phone number for the contact person.

  • Cancellations must occur 24 hours in advance of the event time once the booking is accepted.

Open Hours

Open May 1 through September 30

Daily  Hours 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM



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Tel: 515-450-8013

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